Optimization and Application Research of AGC Technology in Lubuge Hydroelectric Power Plant

作者: 邹伦森 :中国南方电网调峰调频发电公司鲁布革水力发电厂,曲靖;

关键词: AGC电厂鲁布革监控AGC Power Plant Lubuge Monitor


Automatic Generation Control (AGC) is an important technical means, which guarantees the balance of power and load, maintaining the quality of electrical power system. After power grid function AGC, in order to meet the provisions on the administration of two rules, AGC’s specification and AGC’s requirements, the power plant made some appropriate adjustments to optimize the parameters. It is also the purpose to minimize the appraisal by scheduling of power plant on AGC. This is a way which greatly reduced the assenments by the scheduling system on power plant.

文章引用: 邹伦森 (2013) AGC技术在鲁布革水电厂的应用及优化研究。 电力与能源进展, 1, 1-6. doi: 10.12677/aepe.2013.11001


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