Review of Effective Function of Oil Immersed Transformer of 35 kV

作者: 王燕 :山东电力青岛市平度供电公司;

关键词: 35 kV油浸式变压器绝缘寿命状态分级管理流程Oil Immersed of 35 kV Insulation Lifetime Division of State Flow of Management


35 kV油浸式变压器作为电网35 kV电压等级变换的重要元件,对其可靠、经济、节能等性能具有较高要求。由于其散热快,损耗小、成本低等特点而被广泛应用。然而35 kV油浸式变压器由于在工程实际中没有合理利用造成成本较高或者未充分利用便结束役期。由于变压器的绝缘老化符合马尔可夫概率模型,引进马尔可夫概率模型可以预测变压器的绝缘剩余寿命,对变压器进行状态评级,对处于不同阶段的变压器实行不同的维护,同时对经常出现的变压器故障建立长效故障机制,使变压器在成本许可范围内尽可能的被充分利用。

Abstract: Oil immersed transformer is used as an important part of state grid for transforming 35 kV, so as high qualities of stability, economy and energy conservation. It is widely used for fast heat dissipation, less wastage and low cost. However, because of the less effective use of the oil immersed transformer of 35 kV, the cost is high without full use before coming to the end. By the evaluation of life of transformer, we calculate the life of insulation of transformer throng Markov model for including the condition of the model. We make full use of the transformer by evaluating the state, setting up stoppage mechanism and taking care attendance. The test aims at analyzing how to make the best use of the transformer for the stability and low cost.

文章引用: 王燕 (2013) 35kV油浸式变压器有效运行综述。 输配电工程与技术, 2, 22-27. doi: 10.12677/TDET.2013.21004


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