Rudimentary Horn Pregnancy Diagnosed with MRI: Case Report

作者: 欧阳振波 :广东省第二人民医院妇科; 苏欢欢 :广东省第二人民医院影像科;

关键词: 磁共振成像残角子宫妊娠Magnetic Resonance Imaging Rudimentary Horn Pregnancy



Abstract: Due to the low incidence and difficult in early diagnosis, rudimentary horn pregnancy often leads to massive hemorrhage caused by uterine rupture, and even endanger the lives of patients. Early diagnosis and timely operation is critical to its treatment. So in order to explore the diagnostic value of MRI in the early pregnancy of rudimentary horn, this paper describes the MRI manifestations of one case of rudimentary horn pregnancy.

文章引用: 欧阳振波 , 苏欢欢 (2013) MRI诊断早期残角子宫妊娠1例。 亚洲妇产科病例研究, 1, 1-2. doi: 10.12677/ACROG.2013.11001


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