Impact of Ar Pressure on Capillary Discharge Soft X-Ray Laser Output

作者: 张兴强 :湖北汽车工业学院理学系,十堰; 王 骐 :哈尔滨工业大学,可调谐激光技术国家重点实验室,哈尔滨;

关键词: 激光技术毛细管放电软X光激光激光输出Ar气气压Laser Technique Capillary Discharge Soft X-Ray Laser Laser Output Ar Pressure

摘要: Ar气气压是毛细管放电软X光激光研究中的关键参量,其对激光的产生机理和输出等发挥重要的作用。本文通过系统地研究Ar气气压对激光输出的影响,发现当Ar气气压从38 Pa升高到65 Pa时,激光信号的最大输出值确实从~17 V提高到~18.4 V。但前提条件是适当地增大预脉冲电流,并适当地延长预–主脉冲延时,使主脉冲电流能够更充分地利用良好的预电离等离子体状态,获得增益系数较大的激光介质。这些研究工作对进一步优化放电参量,提高激光的输出功率等具有重要的意义。

Abstract: Ar pressure was such a key parameter in capillary discharge soft X-ray laser research that it played important role in generating mechanism and output and so on of laser. Through systemic investigation of the impact of Ar pressure on laser output in this article, it was found that the maximum output of laser signal had really been increased from ~17 V to ~18.4 V when Ar pressure went up from 38 Pa to 65 Pa. But the prerequisite was to increase the pre-current pulse and to prolong the delay time between pre- and main-current pulse properly which could make the main-current pulse utilize the better state of pre-ionized plasma adequately and obtain the laser medium with larger gain coefficient. These research works had important significance in optimizing the discharge parameter further and improving the output power of laser and so on.

文章引用: 张兴强 , 王 骐 (2013) Ar气气压对毛细管放电软X光激光输出的影响。 现代物理, 3, 22-26. doi: 10.12677/MP.2013.31004


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