One Case of the PJ Syndrome Complicated with Intussusception

作者: 李士军 :湖北民族学院附属民大医院普外二科,恩施;

关键词: 黑斑息肉综合征肠套叠The PJ Syndrome Intussusception

PJS is a rare hereditary disease, and clinical features were pigmented spots on the lips and oral mucosa with gastrointestinal tract polyposis. Early resection of the bowel polyps in PJS patients will prolong survival time, detect causative gene of PJS family members contribute to early diagnosis and early prediction of cancer risk.

文章引用: 李士军 (2013) PJS并发肠套叠一例。 亚洲肿瘤科病例研究, 2, 1-2. doi: 10.12677/ACRPO.2013.21001


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