Integrating R Methods into SPSS

作者: 李洪成 :上海金融学院应用数学系,上海;

关键词: SPSSR线性模型Xpath SPSS R Linear Models Xpath




The paper introduces how to integrate the statistical methods and graphical methods of R into SPSS Version 17. It illustrates the procedures of calling the statistical methods of R, presenting the graphics of R, presenting the output of R in SPSS pivot tables. The way of calling the output of SPSS statistical procedures is introduced as well. The examples of the above procedures are given at the same time.


文章引用: 李洪成 (2012) SPSS中集成R的统计方法。 统计学与应用, 1, 26-30. doi: 10.12677/SA.2012.12006


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