Template Designation and Implementation of the J2EE Architecture

作者: 孙元鹏 :深圳市振华微电子有限公司,深圳; 陈文宇 , 吴永强 , 李维顺 , 郭凌立 :电子科技大学计算机学院,成都;

关键词: J2EE轻量级框架泛型 J2EE Lightweight Framework Generic




On the basis of the lightweight layered architecture of the traditional J2EE, a template of the operating module is designed by using generic and reflection in the business and data access layer, providing a common operation logic to the module of specific domain object. Through this template designation, it not only can avoid the repeated writing the similar logic of each domain module, but also is conducive to the robustness, maintainability of the system, and flexibility to the changes of whole business needs. Template structure can improve and perfect the traditional J2EE architecture based on the open source framework. Utilizing the architecture in the application whose business logic is relatively simple and single has some guiding significance to the J2EE development.


文章引用: 孙元鹏 , 陈文宇 , 吴永强 , 李维顺 , 郭凌立 (2012) J2EE架构的模板化设计与实现。 软件工程与应用, 1, 24-30. doi: 10.12677/SEA.2012.12005


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