Thermodynamics for the Separation of CO2-N2 Mixturesby Zeolite MFI

作者: 卢利健 , 吴湘铖 , 付 东 :华北电力大学环境科学与工程学院;

关键词: CO2-N2混合物MFI型沸石吸附Monte Carlo模拟PC-SAFTCO2-N2 Mixture Zeolite MFI Adsorption Isotherms Monte Carlo Simulation PC-SAFT

摘要: Monte Carlo模拟方法,模拟了二氧化碳(CO2)-氮气(N2)混合烟气在MFI型沸石中的吸附等温线,分析了温度、压力及烟气组成等条件对吸附量的影响,以及MFI型沸石对模拟烟气中CO2的吸附选择性.用微扰链统计缔合流体理论(PC-SAFT)研究了不同温度下CO2-N2二元体系的p-x相图,阐明了从脱吸气体中液化分离CO2所需的温度范围

Abstract: The adsorption isotherms of flue gas containing carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) confined in zeolite MFI were investigated by using the Monte Carlo simulation technology. The temperature, pressure and composition dependence of the adsorption capacity of simulated flue gas was analyzed, and the selectivity of CO2 was determined. The p-x diagrams for CO2-N2 binary mixture at different temperatures were calculated by using PC-SAFT, and the temperatures under which CO2 can be liquefied from the flue gas were illustrated.

文章引用: 卢利健 , 吴湘铖 , 付 东 (2012) MFI型沸石分离CO2-N2混合物的热力学研究。 化学工程与技术, 2, 61-66. doi: 10.12677/HJCET.2012.23011


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