Research on Application of ETM+ and ASTER Remote Sensing Data in the Prospecting of Lateritic Bauxite in Laos

作者: 成 功 , 高泽润 , 朱战军 :;

关键词: EMT+ASTER红土型铝土矿图像处理矿化信息 ETM+ ASTER Lateritic Bauxite Image Processing Mineralized Information

摘要: 老挝南部波罗芬高原红土型铝土矿大面积直接裸露地表。在铝土矿勘查过程中,利用ETM+ASTER多光谱遥感数据,分别采用比值 + 主成分分析 + 监督分类比值 + 主成分分析 + 光谱角填图两种不同的方法提取了红土型铝土矿矿化蚀变信息,并利用所提取的矿化信息直接圈定铝土矿矿体,大大提高铝土矿勘查效率,省时省力,为同类型的铝土矿和红土型镍矿的勘查提供了一种快速有效经济的方法和途径。

Abstract: Lot of lateritic bauxite mine area is directly exposed to the surface in Boloven plateau of southern Laos. During the exploration process, using ETM+ and ASTER multi-spectral remote sensing data, the lateritic bauxite mineralization alteration information was extracted respectively by two different methods “ratio + principal component analysis + supervised classification” and “ratio + principal component analysis + spectral angle mapping”, and then the bauxite orebodies were directly blocked out on the basis of the extracted mineralization information, which greatly improved the exploration efficiency, saved time and labor, and provided a quick and effective economic method and way for the exploration of the same lateritic bauxite and nickel.

文章引用: 成 功 , 高泽润 , 朱战军 (2012) ETM+与ASTER数据在老挝红土型铝土矿勘查中的应用。 地球科学前沿, 2, 81-86. doi: 10.12677/AG.2012.22011