Regional Distribution of the VIC Model Parameters and Application in Ungauged Basins

作者: 周研来 , 郭生练 , 郭家力 , 吴 波 :;

关键词: VIC模型多元回归分析无资料地区安康流域VIC Model Multi-Regression Analysis Ungauged Basin Ankang Basin

摘要: 构建覆盖安康流域的大尺度网格VIC分布式水文模型,利用有资料地区率定模型参数,分析VIC模型参数与气候和土壤因子的关系,探讨模型参数的地区分布规律。根据安康流域1980~1990年逐日实测数据,采用多元回归方法建立了参数移用公式,并用来推求无资料地区的水文模型参数。应用结果表明:移用公式在安康、褒河和岚河子流域的模拟效果较好,VIC模型率定期的确定性效率系数分别为91.41%90.01%86.55%,接近有资料地区参数率定的结果,可用于无资料地区的径流模拟。

Abstract: A macro-scale VIC hydrological model for the Ankang basin is constructed and calibrated based on recorded data from 1980 to 1990. The relationships between VIC model parameters and climate and soil factors as well as the regional distribution pattern are analyzed. The multi-regression analysis approach is used to establish formulas that can calculate model parameters of ungauged basins. Application results show that the VIC model performs well in the Ankang, Baohe and Lanhe ungauged basins, the model efficiency reaches 91.41%, 90.01% and 86.55% respectively, which are similar to the results estimated by the calibrated parameters. It is shown that the proposed method can be used to modeling runoff in ungauged basins.

文章引用: 周研来 , 郭生练 , 郭家力 , 吴 波 (2012) VIC模型参数的地区分布规律及在无资料流域的移用。 水资源研究, 1, 57-64. doi: 10.12677/JWRR.2012.13009


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