Fabrication and Properties of Ultraviolet Photo-Detector Based on SiC Nanowires

作者: 于晓燕 , 彭刚 * , 李公义 , 何焰蓝 , 周应秋 :国防科学技术大学理学院;

关键词: 紫外光探测器SiC纳米线化学气相沉积法Ultraviolet Photodetector (UVPD) SiC Nanowires Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

基于一束高取向排列的SiC纳米线,本文制备了一种新型的紫外光探测器,并测试研究了其光电性能。采用传统化学气相沉积技术,以二茂铁为催化剂,通过聚合物热解的方法制备了长度达数厘米、直径为100~200 nm的SiC纳米线。探测器由导电银浆固定一束高取向排列的SiC纳米线到器件基座两个引脚上形成,其光电性能测试研究表明,器件暗电流很小、并且在254 nm紫外光照射时,其光电流迅速变大;器件反应时间很短而回复时间相对较长。

A new type of Ultraviolet Photodetector (UVPDs) based on a bundle of highly aligned SiC nanowires was fabricated and the photo-electric properties of the UVPDs including I-V characteristic and time response et al. were studied in this paper. SiC nanowires were prepared by pyrolysis of a polymer precursor with ferrocene as the catalyst by a CVD route. The diameter of SiC nanowires varied from 100 to 200 nm while they were some centimeters long. A bundle of nanowires was fixed onto two legs in a custom base by conductive silver paste to form the UVPDs. The electrical measurements of the device show a big increase of current when explored the device to 254 nm UV light, and the rise time of the device is very short, but the fall time is relatively long.

文章引用: 于晓燕 , 彭刚 , 李公义 , 何焰蓝 , 周应秋 (2012) SiC纳米线紫外光探测器光电性能的研究。 纳米技术, 2, 19-22. doi: 10.12677/nat.2012.22004


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