The MHD Real-Time Detecting and Suppression of in HT-7 Tokamak LHCD and IBW Experiment

作者: 毛剑珊 * , 罗家融 :中国科学院,等离子体物理研究所;

关键词: 托卡马克低混杂波电流驱动(LHCD)离子伯恩斯坦波(IBW)MHD实时检测FFTTokamak Current Drive of Lower Hybrid Wave (LHCD) Ion Berstein Wave (IBW) MHD Real-Time Measure FFT

摘要: 在HT-7超导托卡马克成功进行了大功率低混杂波电流驱动(LHCD)及离子伯恩斯坦波(IBW)加热实验。在HT-7超导托卡马克物理实验中,磁流体不稳定性(MHD)是一个重要的研究课题。对于大功率低混杂波电流驱动条件下的高参数长脉冲等离子体,抑制和控制撕裂模不稳定性更为重要。HT-7超导托卡马克实验研究中,成功建成了快速主动反馈监测MHD系统。本文以凌华公司生产的DAQ2010高速采集卡为硬件对象,介绍了HT-7超导托卡马克LHCD和IBW实验中MHD的实时检测反馈系统的研制。

Abstract: In the experiment of HT-7 superconducting tokamak, the instability of the Magneto-Hydrodynamics (MHD) is an important factor influencing HT-7 long pulse discharge. It is more important for Large power Current drive of lower hybrid wave (LHW) and Ion Berstein Wave (IBW) on HT-7 superconducting tokamak. Usually, we can suppress MHD through the method to modulate LHW and IBW. The method of active feedback modulating LHW and IBW not only can suppress MHD real-timely, but also uninfluence the drive efficiency. Aim at DAQ2010 advanced data acquisi- tion card, this paper introduced the system of the real-time feedback measure for suppressing MHD on LHCD and IBW heating experiment of HT-7 superconducting tokamak.

文章引用: 毛剑珊 , 罗家融 (2012) HT-7托卡马克LHCD及IBW加热实验中MHD的实时检测及抑制。 现代物理, 2, 7-14. doi: 10.12677/mp.2012.22002


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