Research on Spam SMS Detection and Prevention on Android Platform

作者: 李寅 * , 范明钰 , 王光卫 :电子科技大学计算机科学与工程学院;

关键词: 移动终端Android垃圾短信检测贝叶斯算法Mobile Terminal Android Spam SMS Detection Bayesian Algorithm

摘要: 当前移动终端的发展十分迅速,其中Android平台以其开放性占据了很大的市场份额。然而Android平台由于开放性,其面临的安全威胁十分突出,尤其是来自垃圾短信的威胁。本文研究了现阶段Android平台面临的垃圾短信骚扰问题,并针对垃圾短信检测提出了结合黑名单和贝叶斯算法的检测方法。本文实现的系统经测试能达到过滤垃圾短信的目的,并有效抵御垃圾短信的骚扰。

Abstract: Mobile terminal is currently a fast developing area, among which Android holds quite a big market share. But Android faces huge security threats due to its platform openness, especially threats from spam SMS. This dissertation researches on spam SMS problems and proposes a method by combining blacklist and Bayesian Algorithm on the detection of spam SMS. By testing the implemented system, the purpose of filtering and effectively resisting harassment from spam SMS has been achieved.

文章引用: 李寅 , 范明钰 , 王光卫 (2012) Android平台垃圾短信检测及防范研究。 数据挖掘, 2, 16-20. doi: 10.12677/hjdm.2012.22004


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