Fault-Tolerant Method in P2P Information Management Systems

作者: 蔡璐 , 赵舰 :;

关键词: P2P信息管理系统Kautz图容错P2P Information Management System Kautz Graphs Fault-Tolerance

摘要: FissionE是一种基于Kautz图的P2P信息管理系统网络架构,在给定节点度数(d = 2)下具有最优的网络直径。针对结点失效导致的FissionE路由性能较差的问题,本文对FissionE的容错路由算法进行研究,其基本思想是:如果下一跳结点失效或网络连接失效,那么将采用某种方法“绕过”失效的结点或连接,从而获得较好的路由性能。

Abstract: FissionE is a Kautz graph based infrastructure of P2P information management systems. It has the optimal network diameter given node degree d = 2. In order to address the problem of degraded routing performance caused by node failures, in this paper we propose a fault-tolerant routing algorithm for the FissionE system. The basic idea is to bypass failed node or link with some certain mechanism, so that FissionE can achieve better routing performance.

文章引用: 蔡璐 , 赵舰 (2012) P2P信息管理系统中的容错方法。 计算机科学与应用, 2, 47-50. doi: 10.12677/csa.2012.21009