Research on the Influence between CPI and PPI in Times of WTO

作者: 李伟娟 :;

关键词: WTOCPIPPI影响力WTO CPI PPI Influence

摘要: 2001年12月11日,我国正式成为WTO成员国,自此,我国的进出口贸易将逐步与国际市场接轨,影响着我国CPI与PPI之间的影响力。以WTO时代CPI与PPI的波动态势为基础,本文运用统计学方法得出结论:CPI是影响PPI波动的原因,而PPI不是引发CPI变动的原因。最后,剖析新现象的诱因并提出建议。

Abstract: On December 11, 2001, China officially became the WTO member,since then, our country's import and export trades will have communication with the international market gradually, which affects the influence between CPI and PPI. Based on the volatility trend of CPI and PPI, The paper uses statistical methods to get the conclusions that CPI is the reason for the change of PPI and PPI is not the reason for the change of CPI. At last, the paper analyzes the reason for this new phenomenon and makes recommendations.

文章引用: 李伟娟 (2011) WTO时代CPI与PPI间影响力研究。 金融, 1, 13-16. doi: 10.12677/fin.2011.11003


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