Hilbert C*-模框架的和
Sums of Frames in Hilbert C*-Modules

作者: 王海丽 , 李鹏同 :;

关键词: Hilbert C*-模框架Bessel序列框架和框架算子Hilbert Modules Frames Bessel Sequences Sums of Frames Frame Operators

摘要: 本文研究了Hilbert C*-模框架的和,得到了模框架(或Bessel序列)之和还是模框架的几个结果。

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the sums of Hilbert C*- module frames. Several results on the sums of modular frames (Bessel sequences) being still frames are given.

文章引用: 王海丽 , 李鹏同 (2011) Hilbert C*-模框架的和。 理论数学, 1, 167-171. doi: 10.12677/pm.2011.13033


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