Application of BPR in Casting Smelting Process

作者: 张俊文 , 申荣华 :;

关键词: BPR铸造熔炼短流程BPR Casting Short Process

摘要: 本文描述了BPR方法及其在铸造熔炼过程中的应用,说明了短流程铸造工艺方法,具有显著降低能耗、减少环境污染、降低生产成本和提高产品的市场竞争力等作用,符合当前可持续发展的要求。

Abstract: This paper describes BPR method and its application in the process of casting smelting, and ex-plains the short casting process method can significantly reduce the energy consumption and the pollution of the environment, reduce production cost and improve the market competitiveness of products, and also accord with the requirements of current sustainable development.

文章引用: 张俊文 , 申荣华 (2011) BPR在铸造熔炼过程中的应用。 可持续发展, 1, 80-83. doi: 10.12677/sd.2011.13014