SNS 背景下我国大学生群体网络社交特点探析
The Characteristics of Social Networks of China’s College Students

作者: 魏彤儒 * , 王成 :;

关键词: SNS大学生网络社交特点SNS College Students Social Networks Characteristics

摘要: SNS 2003 年进入中国,近一两年开始进入高速发展期,在中国大学生群体尤为普及且不乏痴迷者。探究我国大学生群体网络社交的特点,是规范大学生网络社交行为,培养其科学网络社交习惯,有效预防该群体网络社交成瘾的基础和前提。调研发现,与西方国家大学生对比,我国大学生的网络社交呈现出的鲜明特点是:网络社交已成为我国大学生群体最主要的网络行为;男大学生的网络社交活跃程度明显高于女大学生;网络社交具有较严重游戏化倾向;网络社交成瘾更多表现为网络社交游戏成瘾;“草根”名人蹿红网络社交,价值导向背离社会主流。

Abstract: SNS, which was bought into China in 2003, is particularly popular with college students. Compared with western students, we found several distinctive features: the online social networking has become the most important network behavior among college students; male college students on network of socially active were significantly higher than female students; lots of social networking has being replaced by games; value orientation deviated from the mainstream, “grassroots” celebrity-led social networking. Clarifying the social network of the characteristics of college students, not only can guide them to develop the scientific social networking habits, but also can effectively prevent them from social networking addiction.

文章引用: 魏彤儒 , 王成 (2011) SNS 背景下我国大学生群体网络社交特点探析。 现代管理, 1, 219-223. doi: 10.12677/mm.2011.13039


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