Recent Developments of Skutterudite Materials

作者: 林海 , 郑金成 :;

关键词: 热电材料方钴矿填充声子玻璃–电子晶体压强Thermoelectric Material Skutterudite Filling Factor Phonon Glass-Electron Crystal Pressure

摘要: Skutterudite类型材料是近年来倍受关注的新型复杂结构热电材料。本文从三个方面分别回顾和展望Skutterudite材料近期的研究热点:1) 声子玻璃–电子晶体物理图景;2) Skutterudite类型材料在压强下结构以及热电性质变化;3) 不同填充情况对Skutterudite材料热电转化效率的影响。

Abstract: Skutterudite material is an important kind of thermoelectric material with complicated structure. This paper reviews and discusses the trend of recent studies of Skutterudite from three aspects: 1) “phonon glass-electron crystal” paradigm, 2) structural and thermoelectric properties of Skutterudite materials under pressure, 3) effects of filling factor on thermoelectric conversion efficiency of Skutterudite materials.

文章引用: 林海 , 郑金成 (2011) Skutterudite类型材料最新研究进展。 现代物理, 1, 35-40. doi: 10.12677/mp.2011.12006


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