The Identities of M-Gonal Number with Its Application—M-Gonal Numbers Revisited

作者: 郭铭浩 :上海交通大学生物医学工程学院,上海; 郭志成 :北方设计研究院,河北 石家庄;

关键词: M角数Pythagorean方程分拆M-Gonal Number Pythagorean Equation Partitions


Abstract: In this paper, we present some arithmetic relationships among same-level M-Gonal numbers in a specific situation. We also illustrate some arithmetic relations on M-Gonal numbers who are related with Pythagorean Triangles Number. A few special cases are discussed to obtain some interesting results.

文章引用: 郭铭浩 , 郭志成 (2017) M角数恒等式及其应用—从M角数谈起。 理论数学, 7, 250-254. doi: 10.12677/PM.2017.74032


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