Synthesis of BODIPY Compounds and Their Modification Methods

作者: 王南翔 , 甄 文 :南京航空航天大学材料科学与技术学院,江苏 南京;

关键词: BODIPY合成及修饰方法概况BODIPY Synthesis and Modification Method Summary


Abstract: In recent years, BODIPY (Boron-dipyrromethene complex) compounds have been the focus of many studies in diverse areas. BODIPYs are fully recognized as excellent fluorescent materials in tunable laser, biological labeling, photosensitizers and photodynamic therapy of tumor (PDT), solid-state solar concentrators, electroluminescent devices, on-off fluorescent switches etc., and in particular the fluorophores in sensors and probes. This paper summarizes the synthesis of BODIPY compounds and its modification methods, hoping to help the relevant researchers.

文章引用: 王南翔 , 甄 文 (2017) BODIPY类化合物的合成及其修饰方法概况。 有机化学研究, 5, 15-20. doi: 10.12677/JOCR.2017.51003


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