Overview on the Progress of Synthesis of N,N-Dialkylethanolamine

作者: 徐 泽 , 钱 超 , 陈新志 :浙江大学化学工程与生物工程学院,浙江 杭州; 张 琪 , 叶小明 :浙江大学化学工程与生物工程学院,浙江 杭州;四川之江高新材料股份有限公司,四川 遂宁;

关键词: N N-二烷基乙醇胺N-烷基化羟乙基化NN-Dialkylethanolamine N-Alkylation Hydroxyethylation


Abstract: N,N-dialkylethanolamine is an important intermediate in fine chemical industries, especially in textile, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals. According to different starting material, the synthetic route can be divided into two categories: Hydroxyethylation of secondary amines and N-alkylation of ethanolamine. The characteristic features of each route are summarized in this paper systematically. And it is important for the optimization and development of synthetic process of N,N- dialkylethanolamine.

文章引用: 徐 泽 , 张 琪 , 叶小明 , 钱 超 , 陈新志 (2017) N,N-二烷基乙醇胺的合成工艺研究进展。 化学工程与技术, 7, 55-62. doi: 10.12677/HJCET.2017.72009


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