Wronsky Determinant and Meromorphic Functions with Maximal Deficiency Sum

作者: 谢 佳 * , 邓炳茂 , 李 菁 :华南农业大学应用数学研究所,广东 广州;

关键词: 亚纯函数最大亏量和Wronsky行列式Meromorphic Function Maximal Deficiency Sum Wronsky Determinant


f是复平面上满足 的超级有穷的超越亚纯函数, k为正整数, fk+1 个线性独立的小函数,且满足 为常数, ,则有

Let f be a transcendental meromorphic function satisfying , and k is a positive integer; let be linearly independent small functions of f  , and is a constant; let . Then

文章引用: 谢 佳 , 邓炳茂 , 李 菁 (2016) Wronsky行列式与具有最大亏量和的亚纯函数。 理论数学, 6, 418-426. doi: 10.12677/PM.2016.65057


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