Synergistic Antioxidant Properties of C6-C3-C6 Polyphenol Monomer with C6-C3 in Vitro

作者: 龚茵茵 , 杨大伟 :湖南农业大学食品科技学院,湖南 长沙;

关键词: 多酚协同抗氧化Polyphenols Synergistic Antioxidant

以DPPH自由基清除能力和总还原能力为抗氧化活性指标,测定了 C6-C3型绿原酸、原儿茶酸与C6-C3-C6型槲皮素、儿茶素等四种单体多酚在不同混合体系中的体外抗氧化活性,与混合前单体多酚抗氧化活性的预测值进行比较,探讨C6-C3-C6C6-C3型单体多酚体外协同抗氧化活性。结果表明,单体多酚之间的协同抗氧化能力与混合物中多酚的结构类型、数量和比例相关,多酚在单体态时的抗氧化能力差异越大,混合后协同作用越强,而质量浓度与协同作用没有直接的联系。

Abstract: In order to discuss synergistic antioxidant properties of C6-C3-C6 polyphenol monomer with C6-C3 in vitro, activity of scavenging DPPH radical and total reducing power were used as indexes for appraising antioxidant activity of polyphenol monomer. Determination of antioxidant activities in vitro for different mixed systems including chlorogenic acid, protocatechuic acid, quercetin and catechin was carried out. At the same time, the comparison of the measured values and the pre-dictive value was investigated. The results showed that interaction of polyphenol mixtures on an-tioxidant activities was related to the structure types, quantity and proportion of polyphenols in mixtures. Meanwhile, the bigger the difference of antioxidant capacity is for polyphenols in mo-nomer state, the more powerful the synergistic effect is, but there is no direct link between the synergistic effects with concentration of polyphenols.

文章引用: 龚茵茵 , 杨大伟 (2016) C6-C3-C6与C6-C3型单体多酚体外协同抗氧化活性。 食品与营养科学, 5, 87-97. doi: 10.12677/HJFNS.2016.53012


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