Research Progress of Chinese Herbal Medicines with the Function of Improving Sleep Quality

作者: 胡彦周 , 丁 轲 , 韩 涛 , 陈湘宁 :北京农学院食品科学与工程学院,北京;食品质量与安全北京实验室,北京;农产品有害微生物及农残安全检测与控制北京市重点实验室,北京;

关键词: 中草药睡眠有效成分提取功能测定Chinese Herbal Medicines Sleep Active Ingredient Extraction Effect Determination


Abstract: With the problem of insomnia becoming more serious and the disadvantages of sedative and hyp-notic drugs gotten by chemical synthesis becoming more obvious, Chinese herbal medicines with the function of improving sleep quality are getting more and more attention. A large number of Chinese herbal medicines with the function of improving sleep quality were found and proved. These Chinese herbal medicines have the advantages of wide sources, high safety, little side effects, no dependence and so on. They have become the main objects of the domestic and foreign scholars. In this paper, Chinese herbal medicines with the function of improving sleep quality were summarized and the kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, active ingredients, extraction methods, assay methods of the function of improving sleep quality and mechanism of action were introduced.

文章引用: 胡彦周 , 丁 轲 , 韩 涛 , 陈湘宁 (2016) 具有改善睡眠功能的中草药研究进展。 食品与营养科学, 5, 63-72. doi: 10.12677/HJFNS.2016.53009


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