The Application of Pulse Shaping in CDMA Communication System Based on PSWF

作者: 朱宁龙 :南开大学电子信息与光学工程学院,天津 ;中国人民解放军91404部队,河北 秦皇岛 ; 李海月 , 李英善 :南开大学电子信息与光学工程学院,天津 ;

关键词: 码分多址脉冲整形椭圆球面波函数误码率吞吐量Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Pulse Shaping Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions (PSWF) Bit Error Rate (BER) Throughput

适当的脉冲整形对降低码分多址(Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA)通信系统中的多址干扰(Multiple Access Interference, MAI)具有良好的效果。本文针对这一问题,提出将椭圆球面波函数(Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, PSWF)引入CDMA系统进行脉冲整形,通过理论分析和Matlab仿真,与常规波形进行了对比,研究了该函数对CDMA系统通信性能的优化情况。理论分析和仿真结果均证明:在能量有限条件下,本文提议的PSWF_4、PSWF_3具有比其他常规波形更优的通信性能。

Abstract: Proper pulse shaping is useful for reducing Multiple Access Interference (MAI) in CDMA system. In this paper, several prolate spheroidal wave functions (PSWF) are selected as the shaping pulses for CDMA communication system, further analyzed and compared with traditional pulses to improve system performance. Theoretical analysis and Matlab simulation results show that PSWF_4 and PSWF_3 which are proposed in our paper have better system performances compared with other traditional pulses in the power limited condition.

文章引用: 朱宁龙 , 李海月 , 李英善 (2016) PSWF函数在CDMA系统脉冲整形中的应用。 无线通信, 6, 81-91. doi: 10.12677/HJWC.2016.63011


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