Computation of Distance-Based Topological Indices for Harary Graph H2m,n

作者: 周兴丽 * , 高 炜 :云南师范大学信息学院,云南 昆明;

关键词: Harary图修改的维纳指数Harary指数乘法维纳指数Harary Graph Modified Wiener Index Harary Index Multiplicative Wiener Index


Abstract: In the model of chemical graph theory, the molecular structure is represented as a graph: atoms represented by vertices and chemical bonds between atoms were expressed as edges. In this paper, we calculate the distance for each pair of vertex in Harary graph H2m,n by means of graph analysis, and then determine the expressions of Wiener related indices for Harary graph H2m,n according to the definition of topological indices.

文章引用: 周兴丽 , 高 炜 (2016) Harary图H2m,n的基于距离的拓扑指数计算。 理论数学, 6, 151-156. doi: 10.12677/PM.2016.63022


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