Research Progress of Ohmic Contacts for p-Type SiC

作者: 裴紫微 * , 张 静 :北方工业大学微电子学系,北京;

关键词: p型SiC电力电子器件欧姆接触p-Type SiC Power Electronic Devices Ohmic Contact

欧姆接触是碳化硅(Silicon Carbide, SiC)新一代电力电子器件研究中的技术难点之一。除了金属选择外,相对于n型掺杂,SiC材料中p型杂质的离化能比n型杂质的离化能高,优质的p型SiC欧姆接触更难于形成。该文对近十几年来极具代表性的传统Al基金属体系和非传统Al基金属体系在p型SiC材料上形成欧姆接触的研究进行了总结,并对其发展前景进行了展望。

Abstract: Ohmic contact is one of the technical difficulties in the study of the new generation power electronic devices of SiC. In addition to the metal selection, compared to n-type doping, the ionization energy of p-type SiC is much higher. The superior quality of p-type SiC ohmic contact is more difficult to form. In this paper, it is summarized that ohmic contacts for Al-base traditional materials and non Al-base traditional metal materials made on p-type SiC, and discussed for its development prospects.

文章引用: 裴紫微 , 张 静 (2016) p型SiC欧姆接触的研究进展。 智能电网, 6, 116-128. doi: 10.12677/SG.2016.62013


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