ARN: Recombination and Visualization of Adipogenesis Regulation Network Information

作者: 黄 艳 , 王 力 , 昝林森 :西北农林科技大学动物科技学院,国家肉牛改良中心,陕西 杨凌;

关键词: 脂肪生成数据库重组可视化文本挖掘Adipogenesis Database Recombination Visualization Text Mining


Abstract: Excessive weight gain and obesity pose significant health challenges to many industrialized na-tions. Many metabolic disorders associated with cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis are directly linked to the increased production and size of adipose cells. Under-standing the molecular mechanism that underlies adipogenesis, the process by which adipose or fat tissue is formed, is thus of critical importance. However, the information fragmentation ham-pers the identification of key regulatory genes and pathways. Thus, it is necessary to provide an information center that is quickly and easily accessible to researchers in this field. In this study, we developed a publicly available database and web interface that serves as a resource for adi-pogenesis research. In ARN, nodes (genes and microRNAs) were collected using a text mining procedure followed by manual review and annotation by experts of this field. In total, 3054 nodes, 1807 relations, and 10,675 expression records associated with adipogenesis according to 1457 articles were collected (last update: 29 January 2016). Additionally, we further determined 12,696 possible relations of these nodes due to miRGate, PAZAR and TRRUST. Hence, this plat-form can support the ongoing adipogenesis research and contribute to discovery of key regula-tory genes and pathways.

文章引用: 黄 艳 , 王 力 , 昝林森 (2016) ARN数据库:重组和可视化成脂调控网络信息。 计算生物学, 6, 8-17. doi: 10.12677/HJCB.2016.61002


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