The Lelong Number of a φ-Positive Closed Current on Cn

作者: 王 芳 :浙江外国语学院科学技术学院,浙江 杭州 ; 康倩倩 :浙江外国语学院科学技术学院,浙江 杭州;

关键词: Lelong数特殊Lagrangian calibrationφ-多次下调和函数φ-闭正流Lelong Number Special Lagrangian Calibration φ-Plurisubharmonic Function φ-Positive Closed Current

本文给出了Cn上φ-闭正流ddφf的Lelong数,这里φ是特殊Lagrangian calibration,f是Lloc1(Cn)中的φ-多次下调和函数。并且我们应用此Lelong数,将单复变中全纯函数的极小模原理进行了推广,给出了此类φ-多次下调和函数的一个下界估计。

Abstract: In this paper, we give the Lelong number of a φ-positive closed current ddφf , where φ is the special Lagrangian calibration and f is a φ-plurisubharmonic function in Lloc1(Cn) . Using that Lelong number, we generalize the minimum modulus principle for the holomorphic function of one complex variable, and we get an estimate of the low bound for φ-plurisubharmonic functions.

文章引用: 王 芳 , 康倩倩 (2016) Cn上φ-闭正流的Lelong数。 理论数学, 6, 103-110. doi: 10.12677/PM.2016.62015


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