Clinical Observation of Treatment in Terson Syndrome

作者: 李 林 , 孔庆慧 , 郭 疆 , 窦晓燕 , 李 炜 :深圳市第二人民医院眼科,广东 深圳;

关键词: Terson综合征治疗玻璃体切除术积血玻璃体Terson Syndrome Therapy Vitrectomy Hemorrhage Vitreous

目的:探讨Terson综合征的治疗和手术时机。方法:回顾性分析14例(20眼) Terson综合征临床资料,按病情严重程度分为药物治疗组和手术治疗组。结果:药物治疗组4例(5眼)视力均 ≥ 0.3,手术治疗组10例(15眼)经玻璃体切除术后视力均有不同程度提高,9眼视力 ≥ 0.3,6眼视力 < 0.3。结论:对部分玻璃体出血量少,视力影响程度小的Terson综合征采取药物治疗,若存在严重玻璃体积血,视力影响程度大,则应早期进行玻璃体切除术治疗。

Abstract: Objective: To explore the outcome in management of Terson syndrome and the timing of operation. Methods: A retrospective analysis on clinical data was performed on 14 cases (20 eyes) with Terson syndrome. According to the severity of hemorrhage, patients were divided into medication group and operation group. Results: The best correct visual acuity achieved 0.3 or better in 4 cases (5 eyes) of medication group. Postoperatively, the vitreous cavities of 15 eyes, were all clear, the visual acuity was improved. The best correct visual acuity achieved 0.3 or better in 9 eyes of operation group, and less than 0.3 in 6 eyes. Conclusion: Vitrectomy is recommended for severe vitreous hemorrhage and drug therapy is effective for mild vitreous hemorrhage.

文章引用: 李 林 , 孔庆慧 , 郭 疆 , 窦晓燕 , 李 炜 (2016) Terson综合征治疗的临床观察。 眼科学, 5, 5-9. doi: 10.12677/HJO.2016.51002


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