Development of Macroscopic and Microscopic Model of SF6 Arc

作者: 赵 谡 , 焦俊韬 , 赵小令 , 肖登明 :上海交通大学电气工程系,上海; J. D. Yan :利物浦大学,利物浦,英国;

关键词: SF6电弧宏观模型微观模型SF6 Arc Macroscopic Model Microscopic Model


Abstract: SF6 circuit breaker is important breaking equipment in power system; the operation of the circuit breaker is related to the stability and reliability of the power system. SF6 arc is a complex multi-field coupling process evolving electric field, magnetic field, temperature field and flow field. Although there are a lot of domestic and foreign researchers conducting studies of SF6 arc, those previous studies are all based on the assumptions and under the conditions of the specific laboratory setting. Based on the research status of SF6 arc, this paper introduces the development of macroscopic and microscopic models in SF6 arc and discusses the future research directions and problems to be solved in SF6 arc.

文章引用: 赵 谡 , 焦俊韬 , 赵小令 , 肖登明 , J. D. Yan (2016) SF6电弧宏微观模型研究进展。 电气工程, 4, 1-5. doi: 10.12677/JEE.2016.41001


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