The Research Process and Challengeof Logistic Sensors in Smart Cool Chain

作者: 邓昌建 , 蒋世奇 :成都信息工程大学控制工程学院,四川 成都 ;

关键词: 传感器冷链无线传感网络射频识别器件机理模型Sensors Cool Chain Wireless Sensor Network RFID Mechanism Model

摘要: 以自动化、信息化和网络化为主要特征的智慧冷链加快了物流传感器的研究进展:首先,为监测和记录冷链中的温度和相对湿度等数据,冷链的运输环境监测、集装箱智慧化、车辆智能定位等使用了一些新型的无线微型传感器;其次,为保证物品在冷链运输中的质量和品质特性,在物品保存和变化机理的检测中也使用了一些新型智能传感器;最后,与这两类传感器对应的大量数据处理与传输问题推动了冷链物流传感器的其他新技术的进展。为此,本论文回顾了智慧冷链中出现的传感器技术及其应用,介绍了冷链物流传感器的最新研究进展,并对其发展趋势与挑战进行了综述。

Abstract: Owing to its features of automation, information and network, the intelligent cold chain promotes the research process of logistic sensors: firstly, in order to monitor and record the real time tem-perature and relative humidity test data of cool chain, the transportation environment monitoring, container intelligence, truck smart position and so on adopt some new wireless sensors; secondly, in order to maintain the quality and fresh of food, the detection based on the mechanism of goods store and change adopts some new smart sensors; in the end, problems of large scale of data processing , data transmitting also promote the development of related sensor technology. So the paper reviews the sensor technology and its application occurred in cool chain logistic, introduces its newest research process, and gives a survey of its prospect and challenge.

文章引用: 邓昌建 , 蒋世奇 (2016) 智慧冷链物流传感器的研究进展与挑战。 传感器技术与应用, 4, 32-46. doi: 10.12677/JSTA.2016.41005


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