Fabrication and Characterization of FePt-SiO2 Nanogranular Films

作者: 胡海琴 , 章 黎 , 韩锦婉 , 蒋俊程 , 何 慧 :台州学院物理与电子工程学院,浙江 台州 ;

关键词: FePt颗粒薄膜磁控溅射法FePt Granular Film Magnetron Sputtering Method

采用磁控溅射法在硅基片上生长FePt纳米颗粒薄膜。利用MgO籽层来引发FePt合金薄膜的fct织构,在薄膜中掺入氧化硅来减小其颗粒尺寸。采用X射线衍射仪(XRD)、超导量子干涉仪(SQUID)和透射电镜(TEM)对FePt纳米颗粒进行表征,结果表明制备的样品具有优良的L10相结构,磁滞曲线测量结果表明材料的方形度很好,而且垂直矫顽力高达21 kOe,颗粒大小为8.8 nm。该磁性薄膜非常适合用做下一代高密度磁存储媒质,能大幅度提高磁存储密度。

Abstract: FePt-SiO2 nanogranular film was fabricated on a silicon substrate by magnetron sputtering method. A MgO interlayer was applied to induce the L10 structure in the FePt thin film. The addition of silicon oxide helps reduce the grain size of FePt. XRD, SQUID and TEM were applied to measure its structure, magnetic properties, and microstructures, respectively. Results show that the film has excellent L10 order, and the squareness of MH loop is close to unity, with a high perpendicular coercivity of 21 kOe. The microstructure shows that it has small grain size of 8.8 nm with uniform distribution. This magnetic film is a promising candidate for magnetic recording media with ultra- high areal density.

文章引用: 胡海琴 , 章 黎 , 韩锦婉 , 蒋俊程 , 何 慧 (2016) FePt-SiO2纳米颗粒薄膜的制备和表征。 材料科学, 6, 26-31. doi: 10.12677/MS.2016.61003


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