Interpolation Algorithm for Quantifier Formulas in LIUF Theory

作者: 李千卉 , 江建国 , 刘文秀 :辽宁师范大学数学学院,辽宁 大连;

关键词: 理论插值LIUF理论量词消去斯科拉姆化Theory Interpolation LIUF Theory Eliminate Quantifier Skolemization


Abstract: The problem of interpolation for quantifier formulas is still unsolved in LIUF theory. For the problems of how to eliminate quantifiers and compute the interpolation after eliminating the quantifiers, a new algorithm based on quantifier-free theory interpolation algorithm is proposed. First, the skolemization was used to eliminate existential quantifiers and universal quantifiers were instantiated with free individual variables to create quantifier-free formulas; Then, the quantifier-free theory interpolation algorithm was used to compute the formulas; Finally, the new variables were eliminated by quantifying universally or existentially, and interpolation for quantifier formulas was obtained. The algorithm example shows that the new interpolation algorithm can solve the problem of quantifier formulas in LIUF theory.

文章引用: 李千卉 , 江建国 , 刘文秀 (2015) LIUF理论量词公式的插值算法。 软件工程与应用, 4, 121-128. doi: 10.12677/SEA.2015.46016


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