Diffusion of Fe Atoms on Al Substrate and Effect of Film Growth Conditions on the Magnetic Properties

作者: 冯倩 * , 陈俊杰 , 蒋丽钦 , 沈双娟 , 黄志高 :福建师范大学物理与能源学院,福建 福州;

关键词: 蒙特卡罗模拟Fe原子扩散磁特性Monte Carlo Simulation Diffusion of Fe Atoms Magnetic Properties


Abstract: A Monte Carlo technique has been developed for simulating the deposition and diffusion of Fe atoms on Al (100) surfaces, and the growth of Fe clusters. The effects of growth conditions on the Fe fractal morphology and the magnetic properties are investigated. The simulated results indicate that with increasing temperature of substrate, the surface morphology evolves from dispersed growth, fractal growth to dense growth, and finally to another dispersed growth. It is also found that the morphology of Fe film greatly affects the magnetic properties, and ramified atomic aggregate with a more compact morphology has a higher Curie temperature.

文章引用: 冯倩 , 陈俊杰 , 蒋丽钦 , 沈双娟 , 黄志高 (2015) Fe原子在Al基底上的扩散及薄膜生长条件对磁特性的影响。 应用物理, 5, 159-164. doi: 10.12677/APP.2015.512022


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