Progress in the Study of the Biological Activities and Extraction and Purification of Edible Mushroom Polysaccharides

作者: 汪治云 :重庆市渝北中学校生物教研室,重庆;

关键词: 食用菌多糖生物学活性Edible Mushroom Polysaccharide Biological Activity


Abstract: Edible Mushroom polysaccharides exhibit varied bio-activities such as immunomodulation, anti-cancer, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, antimicrobial and antiviral effects. Multiple steps of extraction, separation and purification are needed to get high yield and high purity of edible mushroom polysaccharides. The biological activities of edible mushroom polysaccharides are significantly affected by their sequences, structures, and quaternary configurations, and thus systematic characterization of the structures and configurations is indespensible for understanding the biological functions of the edible mushroom polysaccharides. This article reviews the main methods of isolation, purification and structural characterization of the edible mushroom polysaccharide, as well as some of the important biological activities.

文章引用: 汪治云 (2015) 食用菌多糖的生物学活性及提取纯化研究进展。 微生物前沿, 4, 45-54. doi: 10.12677/AMB.2015.43007


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