N × N光开关综述
A Review of N × N Optical Switch

作者: 倪鹏远 :武汉邮电科学研究院,湖北 武汉;武汉光迅科技股份有限公司,湖北 武汉; 周日凯 , 孙莉萍 , 马洪勇 , 胡强高 :武汉光迅科技股份有限公司,湖北 武汉;


光开关是实现全光网络的核心技术之一,在光传送网中各种不同交换原理和实现技术的光开关被广泛地应用。不同原理和技术的光开关具有不同的特性,适用于不同的场合。本文对实现N × N光开关的关键技术进行了综述,并对每一项技术进行了分析和对比!分析对比结果表明,由于各种光开关应用的原理不同,导致开光在拓展性、开光切换时间、插损等性能指标上存在较大的差异!

Abstract: Optical switch, as one of the key technologies to realize all optical network, is widely used in OTN (optical transmission network) by various exchange principles and implementations. Different principles and techniques of optical switches have different characteristics for different occasions. In this paper, key technologies of N × N optical switches were reviewed, and each technology was analyzed and compared. Analysis and comparison results show that the applications of different principles of optical switch result in a big difference between scalability, switching time, insertion loss and other performance indicators!

文章引用: 倪鹏远 , 周日凯 , 孙莉萍 , 马洪勇 , 胡强高 (2015) N × N光开关综述。 光电子, 5, 40-48. doi: 10.12677/OE.2015.53007


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