Giant Magneto-Impedance in Co-Fe-B-Si-Nb Amorphous Wires

作者: 孙怀君 , 满其奎 , 董亚强 , 沈宝龙 :;

关键词: 非晶丝巨磁阻抗退火Amorphous Wires Giant Magneto Impedance Anneal Treatment

摘要: 本文利用具有强非晶形成能力的Co63Fe4B22.4Si5.6Nb5块体非晶合金材料,用熔体抽拉法制备了直径90 μm的Co基非晶丝,对该非晶丝进行了不同温度的退火处理,并且测试了丝材在不同驱动频率下的GMI效应。结果表明,淬态的Co63Fe4B22.4Si5.6Nb5非晶丝具有非常优异的GMI效应,在驱动频率为1.2 MHz时,阻抗变化率 达到最大,其值接近250%。随着驱动频率的提高,巨磁阻抗曲线逐渐出现了双峰,并且峰值所对应的开关磁场随着频率的升高而增大。淬态Co基非晶丝经退火处理后,由于应力释放造成了环向磁结构的减弱,导致了巨磁阻抗效应的下降。

Abstract: Co-based amorphous alloy wires with diameter of 90μm were prepared using melt extraction method, with bulk amorphous alloys Co63Fe4B22.4Si5.6Nb5having a strong glass-forming ability. The giant magneto impedance(GMI) effect of the as cast and annealed wires was analyzed at different driving frequencies. The results show that the Co63Fe4B22.4Si5.6Nb5 cast amorphous wire has an excellent GMI effect. The largest impedance ratio ( ) is as high as 250% at driving frequency of 1.2MHz. As the driving frequency in-creases to exceed 1.2MHz, the double peaks of giant magneto-impedance curve began to appear, and the peaks corresponding to the switching field increase with increase in the frequency. The circular magnetic structure after annealing treatment is weakened due to the release of stress, which leads to the depression of the GMI effect of Co-based amorphous wire.

文章引用: 孙怀君 , 满其奎 , 董亚强 , 沈宝龙 (2011) Co-Fe-B-Si-Nb非晶丝巨磁阻抗效应的研究。 材料科学, 1, 46-51. doi: 10.12677/ms.2011.12009


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