Transmutation of Np-237 in the First Cycle of AP1000 Core

作者: 贾仁东 , 刘 滨 , 蔡 进 , 李 想 :华北电力大学核科学与工程学院,北京;

关键词: 嬗变AP1000Np-237Transmutation AP1000 Np-237


Abstract: The spent fuel generated by nuclear power plants contains large quantities of radionuclides, in-cluding long-lived fission products (LLFP) and minor actinides (MA). These nuclides decay to no harm through thousands of years. Partitioning and transmutation technology (P&T) is to separate these nuclides from the spent fuel into specific device for neutron irradiation, making it into a low-level radioactive nuclides or stable nuclides. As a major MA nuclide, neptunium (Np) has a high productivity and long half-time. In this paper, MCNP code is used to build the AP1000 reactor core model, and neptunium dioxide (NpO2) transmutation rod is introduced to design 10 schemes where transmutation material is putted into the first cycle core. By calculation and comparing the effective multiplication factor (keff), the added quality of neptunium dioxide and the changing extent to make the core reach the critical again, the result shows that the scheme where neptunium dioxide coating is putted in the fuel enrichment 4.45% of the core has advantages. This paper analyzes the scheme and optimized.

文章引用: 贾仁东 , 刘 滨 , 蔡 进 , 李 想 (2015) Np-237在AP1000首循环堆芯中的嬗变研究。 核科学与技术, 3, 78-87. doi: 10.12677/NST.2015.33012


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