Comparative Study of the Wall Heat Transfer Model between the RETRAN-3D and RELAP5 Code

作者: 刘建阁 , 朱建敏 , 陈 军 , 傅先刚 :中科华核电技术研究院,广东 深圳 ;

关键词: RETRAN-3D程序RELAP5程序壁面换热关系式临界热流密度RETRAN-3D Code RELAP5 Code Wall Heat Transfer Correlation Critical Heat Flux


Abstract: The characteristics of the RETRAN-3D and the RELAP5 code are summarized. The selection origin of the wall heat transfer in the two codes is briefly analyzed. The heat transfer model and the critical heat flux model are listed and compared. The differences of the water-steam table are also in-troduced. The results show that: there are clearly differences in the choosing wall heat transfer correlations, as the different number of field equations and the keystone of solving the nuclear thermal-hydraulic system behavior are different. Two codes use different method to calculate the critical heat flux: the RETRAN-3D code adopts many experiential correlations to obtain the critical heat flux and the RELAP5 code adopts the look up table method. It must firstly carry out the code capability assessment and use the code in its applicability scopes. It is necessary to study the un-certainty of wall heat transfer correlations, critical heat flux and water property.

文章引用: 刘建阁 , 朱建敏 , 陈 军 , 傅先刚 (2015) RETRAN-3D和RELAP5程序壁面换热模型比较研究。 核科学与技术, 3, 60-69. doi: 10.12677/NST.2015.33010



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