The Application and Research of GPS Three-Dimensional Information in Mountain Area Aerial Photogrammetric Mapping

作者: 钟少波 , 屈婷婷 , 陈 明 :湖北省水文地质工程地质大队,湖北 宜昌;

关键词: GPS像控测量测量精度三维信息GPS网基线应用研究GPS Photo-Control Point Measurement Accuracy Three-Dimensional Information GPS Baseline Applied Research


Abstract: Using GPS three-dimensional information to determine the method and precision of control point coordinates of the photograph, and through the implementation of industry sector three-encryption detection and the analytic space work inside and outside, we prove that the method not only meets the 1:10,000 scale precision aerial mapping, but also improves the efficiency of 3 - 10 times more than traditional union measuring method. For survey areas under difficult visibility conditions and with less known large places, using multiple GPS control points is the best method.

文章引用: 钟少波 , 屈婷婷 , 陈 明 (2015) GPS三维信息在山区航测成图中的应用与研究。 地球科学前沿, 5, 186-192. doi: 10.12677/AG.2015.53022


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