One Case Which Injury Lead to Corneal Flap Laceration after LASIK Nine Years Ago

作者: 刘云川 , 赵晓楠 , 田 肖 , 王洪娟 , 李镜海 :济南爱尔眼科医院,山东 济南;

关键词: LASIK角膜瓣撕裂角膜板层刀LASIK Corneal Flap Laceration Moria Microkeratome


Abstract: Corneal flap dislodged and folds after LASIK have been reported repeatedly. Resting corneal flap is accepted principles of acute. However, improper handling operation may show up epithelial in-growth, corneal flap melting, corneal infection, DLK and other complication. Especially, LASIK using moria microkeratome will more easily show corneal flap dislodged, even laceration. This paper retrospect the clinical data of surgical patients who received operation of LASIK happened 9 years ago. Last month, the patient has been scratched and led to corneal flap laceration. One day after that, the patient do corneal flap resting operation in our hospital, and recover very well. But this case also reminds us that the layer between corneal flap is very weak. So it is very important to tell the patient notes after LASIK.

文章引用: 刘云川 , 赵晓楠 , 田 肖 , 王洪娟 , 李镜海 (2015) LASIK术后9年外伤致角膜瓣撕裂1例。 眼科学, 4, 34-37. doi: 10.12677/HJO.2015.42006


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