In Situ Studies on Aqueous Synthesis of ZnSe Quantum Dots

作者: 宋晋湘 * , 刘 敏 :惠州学院电子功能材料实验室,广东 惠州 ;

关键词: 量子点水相合成原位光谱XAFSQuantum Dot Aqueous Synthesis In Situ Spectroscopy XAFS


Abstract: In situ absorption and PL spectroscopy were employed to investigate the luminescent properties of GSH capped ZnSe quantum dots (QD) obtained from aqueous synthesis. Combined with the re-sults of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and in situ X-ray absorption fine spectroscopy (XAFS), the struc-tural evolution of the QD during the growth process was probed. Detailed analysis reveals that, the growth stage of ZnSe QD could be divided into three stages: fast growth → surface reconstruction → lattice relaxation. In the initial 20 min, ZnSe QD grows quite fast with massive surface defects; during 20 - 40 min, the surface of ZnSe QD undergoes reconstruction, which means the growth rate slows down, and the surface defects reduce, accompanying with the increase of PL quantum yield. After 40 min, ZnSe QD goes through lattice relaxation, the bond length of Se-Zn slightly increases and the size of QD increases slowly.

文章引用: 宋晋湘 , 刘 敏 (2015) ZnSe量子点水相合成过程的原位研究。 凝聚态物理学进展, 4, 77-84. doi: 10.12677/CMP.2015.42009


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