Investigation of Optical Properties of In-Doped SrTiO3 Conducting Films by First-Principles

作者: 房丽敏 :广东省第二师范学院物理系,广东 广州 ; 赵可沦 :华南理工大学机械与汽车工程学院,广东 广州;

关键词: 第一性原理光学性质导电薄膜掺杂界面First-Principles Optical Properties Conducting Films Doped Interface


Abstract: It is well known that p-type doped SrTiO3 can successfully be applied in semiconductor diodes in a blue-light region, transparent conductive films and perovskite-oxides hetero-junction optical- electric devices. First-principles plane-wave pseudopotential (PWPP) calculations have been per-formed to investigate the electronic structure and optical properties of In-doped SrTiO3/MgO(001) interface system with the explanations of the related experiment phenomena. It is found that the optical properties of In doped SrTiO3/MgO(001) interface are dependent not only on the concen-tration of In atoms but also on the relative positions of the In atoms to the interface.

文章引用: 房丽敏 , 赵可沦 (2015) In掺杂SrTiO3导电薄膜光学性质的第一性原理研究。 材料科学, 5, 92-102. doi: 10.12677/MS.2015.53014


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