Pd(II)-Catalyzed Dehydrogenative Oxidative Coupling of Terminal Alkene of Styrene

作者: 龚 颖 , 王光祖 :合肥工业大学医学工程学院,安徽 合肥;

关键词: 苯乙烯共轭二烯烃脱氢Heck反应Styrene Conjugated Dienes Dehydrogenative Heck Reaction

我们对未活化的苯乙烯末端烯烃进行了脱氢Heck反应的研究,运用Pd(acac)2做催化剂,Cu(OAc)2作氧化剂,并添加少量AgF,乙酸乙酯作溶剂,在100℃下反应24 h,苯乙烯直接脱氢得到1,4-二苯基-1,3-丁二烯,具有共轭结构,能作为许多有价值化合物的中间体,具有潜在的应用价值,我们还对该反应提出了一个可能的机理。

Abstract: The work about dehydrogenative Heck reaction of unactivated terminal alkene of styrene was studied. Using Pd(acac)2 as catalyst, Cu(OAc)2 as oxidant, EtOAc as solvent, and adding some AgF, at 100˚C for 24 h, styrene was directly dehydrogenized to generate 1,4-dipheny-1,3-butadiene with conjugated construction which can be intermediate of many value compounds, so this reaction has potential value. A plausible mechanism was proposed.

文章引用: 龚 颖 , 王光祖 (2015) Pd催化苯乙烯脱氢氧化偶联研究。 有机化学研究, 3, 91-96. doi: 10.12677/JOCR.2015.32013


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