Discussion on Risk Control of P2P Financing

作者: 邹德军 :广东工贸职业技术学院,广州;

关键词: P2P融资风险P2P Financing Risk


Abstract: With the rapid development of the P2P financing, its risk control becomes the key area. Many scholars have carried out exploration into the risks of the P2P financing, including the credit risk, market risk and so on. In practice, the P2P has taken means to control risks such as the on-line certification and off-line investigation. Government shall establish the credit rating system and improve the supervisory system to control risks of P2P financing and the P2P shall reduce the fi-nancing risks through strengthening the pre-lending review and analyzing the network mass data.

文章引用: 邹德军 (2014) P2P平台融资业务风险控制的探讨。 电子商务评论, 3, 29-33. doi: 10.12677/ECL.2014.34006


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