The New Idea in the Synthesis of Lipid-Regulator Fibrates

作者: 夏 莹 , 额尔敦 , 乌 恩 :内蒙古医科大学药学院,呼和浩特;

关键词: 高血脂贝特类合成进展活性评价Hyperlipidemia Fibrates Synthesis Progress Activity Evaluation


Abstract: The lipid-regulating agent fibrate plays an important role in lowering the blood lipid. It can signif-icantly reduce the level of total cholesterol, triglyceride and high-density lipoprotein in blood, and it has less side-effect than the mostly used Statins. In this review, we mainly show the mechanism and advantages of the fibrates, as well as the introduction of the disease high-blood-lipid or the li-pid-regulating agents. We summary the synthesis and pharmacological activities in the past 5 years at home and abroad, including the better routes of its synthesis, changing the construction to get the double-receptor agonist, improving the oil-water partition coefficient and the binding rate in vivo. So we can get the new idea for the further study.

文章引用: 夏 莹 , 额尔敦 , 乌 恩 (2014) 贝特类调血脂药物的研究进展。 药物化学, 2, 47-53. doi: 10.12677/HJMCe.2014.24007


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