The Design of Dynamic Checking Tool for VXWORKS Systems Concurrent Program

作者: 梁昊 :装备学院,研究生管理大队,北京; 艾云峰 :中国科学院大学,工程管理与信息技术学院,北京; 沈怀荣 :装备学院,航天装备系,北京; 赵永超 :国防大学,作战与指挥训练教研部,北京;

关键词: 实时嵌入式系统并发程序多重中断多线程并发错误Real-Time Embedded Systems Concurrent Program Multiple Interrupts Multithread Concurrency Errors



Abstract: In recent years, with the improving degree of automation of real-time embedded systems, their design complexity continues to increase. Concurrent programming methods were widely used in designing. But due to real-time embedded system interrupts and threads overlap, in the testing and checking process of real-time embedded system, there is always lack of an effective program testing tool. So we designed a testing tool for VXWORKS systems dynamic concurrent programs. We use Labeled Transition Systems as a system of concurrent programming model, and have given formal definition for common concurrency error, and use of partial order reduction algorithm to reduce the state space of the program. Finally, we have realized the testing tool which can detect multi-threaded and multi-interrupt program concurrent errors.

文章引用: 梁昊 , 艾云峰 , 沈怀荣 , 赵永超 (2014) VXWORKS系统并发程序动态测试工具设计。 软件工程与应用, 3, 86-96. doi: 10.12677/SEA.2014.33011


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