Study of the Therapeutic Factors on Ullman Dream Group of University Students

作者: 宋妍洁 :草屯疗养院,南投; 苏完女 :亚洲大学,台中;

关键词: Ullman读梦团体疗效因子Ullman Dream Group Therapeutic Factors



The purpose of this study was to investigate therapeutic factors and effects of university students in the Ullman dream group, using workshop to work with dreams twice a week for 6 hours in two weeks. The research tools included: “Group Therapeutic Factor Inventory—Short Form”. In terms of the average score of the beneficial perception for each factor category in the 8 dream sessions the factor of “positive feeling toward the groups” had the highest score; factors of “solicitation of action abilities”, “cognitive gains”, “universality”, advices providing, altruism, self-disclosure and sharing ranks next; factor of “experience and understanding of family relationship” had the lowest score. Based on the results of the study, implications and recommendations for counseling practices and future research are discussed and outlined.


文章引用: 宋妍洁 , 苏完女 (2014) Ullman读梦团体疗效因子之探究——以大学生为例。 心理学进展, 4, 12-16. doi: 10.12677/AP.2014.43B003


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